Tidtaya Teevakul is an ordinary who has a love and eagerness to learn. In the spring of 2002, newly graduated from university in Thailand, she headed to San Francisco for further education and experience. Moving from the East to the West, her skill in photography led her to a strong interest in typography and design.

In San Francisco, she completed a program in graphic and interactive design. To augment her graphic design work, after her graduation in the summer of 2005 she decided to move across the United States to Boston, the West to the East.

She started working as a graphic design intern at ESi where she gained experience in a professional environment. At ESi, Tidtaya not only practiced her design skills, she also learned the discipline in a work place.

Back in Thailand in 2007, she continues to learn by reading, listening and doing. From the East to the West and the West back to the East, Tidtaya continues to explore the world. Not a successful designer she would like to be, but a happy and blessed one.








[+66 63] 6249145


Bangkok, Thailand


photography, travels, sports, reading, thinking, people, and pizza